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Welcome to website www.britrex.com. You can find here the paper models of a architecture, army vehicles, cars and so on. All models are in electronic form, available to download in .pdf format. Meanwhile 20 models are available. 2 of them paid, 18 free. The amount of models is increasing and you can check the main page for news. (And also for info about upcoming models.)

If your heart is burdened by any finding, note or propsal which model would be the next, do not hesitate to contact us on email britrex@britrex.com. We will be happy to get inspiration.

We recommend to print the models with ink printer on 160g paper. We hope that everything about constructing the models is clear.

Models, which are not available for free serves to get money for server hosting, domain rent and becouse I like Coke. Unfortunately, there is only bank transfer available yet for czech crowns. So we believe that you consider to donate us even though you don't like any paid model and you like any the free ones. Or if you like us. Donation is provided by PayPal Donate. Minimum amount is 1 € or $.

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