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About us:

Almost a year ago, after the launch of first website with first 10 models was the reaction of some people like "It is so much anonymous!" So, now I will try to tell some things to satisfy curiosity.

Well, I am the student of gymnasium and in the spring I am going to pass the maturita exam (from english also, so R.I.P. me). I am creating the models since... form time immemorial. I started with a box with glued stick like a gun and named it tank destroyer, continued with plastic models (they were too expensive). Then came a mass production of small, manually drawed tanks. I have a hundreds of them. My father used to have a H0 (1/87) trains, so I mainly made models in this scale. I have made a squared meters of paper cities and played there as a child (also nowdays). Last two years, I am trying to create a models on PC for a better quality. Last year and half I am working on website where can I present some of a models (Because my grandparents always wanted it -_- ). In the spring 2016, the website (created by Lukáš Jirůšek) with 10 of my models created with vector graphics was launched. First day, almost 600 people from many corners of the world checked the web.

Paid models. What can I say, I know that models can not make a fortune, but it can serve to earn on hosting and domain (at least this year). I think I'm not a skilled programmer, my top is to write these poor webpage. So the only way how to buy paied models is a bank transfer within Czech Republic in Czech crowns. I apologize for it. My philosophy is ending, so, again, I would like to apologize to all who speak English and must read this lines. And of course, I wish you success in paper crafting. We will be pleased if you will contact us with any propsal for improvement or with a recommendation which model do you want as the next. Thank you for your support.

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